I've recently come to realize that this site, despite my best intentions, was quite hard to navigate. I also realized that while some of you browsed the category pages and tried to find useful information, most just wanted to see those pages where I'd made my own layout or where I'd written a somewhat longer article about something, and those were quite hard to find. So here are direct links to those interesting pages, you can still find the categories below.

Circuits, Effects, Stompboxes call them what you like

All these have pcb layouts with my signature curvy traces.

Fuzz Face - what can I say, it's a Fuzz Face.
Professor Tweed - sweet sounding distortion from Run Off Groove.
ToneBender - another classic fuzz.

Small Clone Chorus - lovely chorus.
Little Angel - another nice chorus.
Rebote - simplish delay.

LPB-1 - classic single transistor boost.

Superfly in a 1590A - yeah, I stuffed a tube amp in a 1590A, most viewed page on this site!


Perrow Style DIYLC PCBs - how I do those curvy layouts.
Putting graphics on your stompbox - some collected ideas and links.


To make things easier to find this page has been divided into a few sections.


What type of effect are you looking for? Click on the categories for more links.
Sites with multiple effects
Boosters and Equalizers
Chorus Effects
Compressor Effects
Delay Effects
Filter Effects
Flanger Effects
Fuzz and Distortion Effects
Gate Effects
Octave Effects
Phaser Effects
Reverb Effects
Speaker Simulators
Tremolo Effects
Wah Effects



Things that'll help you while your building your effects.
BenchHorse - Debugging amp-tool-thingy.
Signal Generators


I'm sure we need these to hook up our stompboxes to.
Wiring library
Guitar Setup and Repair


It helps to hear what our stompboxes does with the sound.
Chip Amps - Solid state, that is.
Submini Tube Amps - Get those cute little tubes glowing.
Amp Information
Tube and Hybrid amps
Recording Gear


A few tutorials that'll help you master this craft.

Enclosure Tutorials - How to make nice looking enclosures.
Circuit Tutorials
DIYLC Tutorial - Learn to use a wonderful, open source, PCB layout program.
PCB Etching
Perrow Style DIYLC PCBs - Make beautiful PCBs using DIYLC
Soldering Tutorials - Get those pesky components to stick to your PCB.
Understand Electronics
Build your own pedalboard from an IKEA Gorm shelf and a few other things.


Arduino Projects


A few other things for you and your stompboxes, information and resources.

Cool Fonts
Circuit and board design
Data sheets
Interesting threads
Putting graphics on your stompbox
Spice models
Where to buy stuff