Putting graphics on your stompbox

There are many ways to put graphics on your stompbox. If nothing else, the 1250 pages of pictures on diystompboxes have shown us that. We've seen painted, both by hand, by rattle can and by airbrush. We've seen etched with or without paint, laser etched, toner transfer, wet toner transfer, mixed media and many other.

Have a look at these links for ideas.

Overhead Transparency Stompbox Graphics Tutorial by Frequency Central
Dark T-Shirt Transfer Paper
Scales for pots
Lots of free PhotoShop - (and other graphics program) resources.
Massive library of free fonts - Make sure you find the zip file download link, you do not want to use the auto installer, man does that try to install a lot of eh, let's call it less than useful stuff.


Hipster Logo - Slightly (read "a lot") sarcastic but can be used for inspiration.


Search for "Slades etching tutorial". There are places to download a pdf of this tutorial, but I've yet to find one that doesn't require registration and/or contributions.