Little Angel

Little Angel Chorus

Little Angel features a small parts count (for a chorus at least) and the original layout is small enough to fit a 1590A enclosure, with some squeezing at least. This layout is a slightly larger one that'll fit comfortably in a 1590B.

See links at the bottom of this page for links to the original thread where you find other PCB layouts.

Layout and Transfer

Little Angel PCB layout
Little Angel PCB transfer

PCB Transfer is 300 dpi, right click and "save as".

In the gut shot below pin 4 of the PT2399 has been lifted, this was made to minimize (digital) noise. That is not needed with the layout on this page as the trace from pin 4 to ground has been separated. There is a pad on this layout to connect pin 4 directly to power ground, this should, it is said, reduce noise even more, though I've yet to test it. My build isn't noisy enough that I've found a reason to try it.

Gut Shot

Little Angel Gut Shot

Again, note that you do not need to lift leg 4 of the PT2399 as the layout has been changed to incorporate this mod.
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