BenchHorse project tool

The BenchHorse is a tool combining four circuits into one and allowing you to connect your project for debugging. It consists of four circuits, an LPB-1 boost, a Trotsky overdrive, a Condor Cab Sim and a TEA2025 amplifier (see note on this at the bottom of the page). Connections are provided between the LPB-1 and the Trotsky to insert a pedal or project for debugging.


This is a layout showing all pots and most connections. Not shown are input jack and power connections. The top two rows are the positive rail and ground, the ground should be easily recognized as it spreads around the board. The "project board" is connections to your project. I'll show you later how it's meant to be connected.

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This is a layout of the parts on the board, without any connections.

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Build image

Here is a build of the BenchHorse, housed in an old KVM switch box. The in and out phono jacks and the "speaker jacks" provide the means to connect the BenchHorse to pedals or projects and to power them.

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Mid build update

I built this a while ago now and it works fine, apart from the built in TEA5025 amplifier that didn't hold up. As a result I haven't used it that much and at some point I guess I'll have to redesign it with another power amp or just cut the traces and dump another amp in there.